As any project or programme of work creates change, risk inevitably arises. M_o_R® works with programmes, projects, general operations and even on a strategic level to help define an organisation-wide approach to risk management.

M_o_R has two levels of training, M_o_R Foundation and M_o_R Practitioner, with the foundation course a prerequisite for the higher level Practitioner. If you’re just getting started with M_o_R or risk management in general, the M_o_R Foundation course enables you to work as part of a risk management team operating an M_o_R environment straight away, back in the office.

Once you’ve passed your M_o_R Foundation certificate, you can attend the M_o_R Practitioner course. This course upgrades your certification to the highest level and equips you with the skills required to introduce and apply M_o_R methodology within any given organisation. If, from the outset, your goal is to achieve M_o_R Practitioner certification, then you may wish to attend the M_o_R Foundation & Practitioner course, where you’ll work through both courses and sit both exams over 5 days.

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