Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma training is named after belts, and there’s Yellow, Green and Black. There’s no prerequisite for attending any Lean Six Sigma training course, so you can go straight to Black Belt level if you can demonstrate that you have knowledge equivalent to Green Belt. Just the same, you can go straight to Green Belt if you already hold Yellow Belt or have equivalent knowledge.

If you’re new to Lean Six Sigma, the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is the best place to start. It’s a 2 day course that provides you with a strong understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology. You’ll also come away from this course ready for the next level – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. This is our most popular Lean Six Sigma training course. Technically, it’s an ‘intermediate’ level course, sitting between Yellow and Black belt. In truth though, it’s an advanced level course that imparts high level Lean Six Sigma skills in 5 days.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a truly expert level training course and an extremely well respected certification worldwide. If you’re aiming for a career in Lean Six Sigma, achieving Black Belt certification is your goal.

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