“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

Albert Einstein

Why training doesn’t work.

Training courses have become ways to absorb large amounts of information, in a short space of time. The problem is that this isn’t learning. It’s memorising. And whilst this might help you to pass an exam, over time you’ll forget it all. If a training course doesn’t make your life easier, or your business more successful, what was the point of the training?

Stop training. Start learning.

Learning new things is amazing. It inspires people and creates exciting new ways for businesses to achieve incredible, previously unimaginable things. We love learning. We just don’t think that training courses today are a good way to learn anything. We believe there is a better way.


The more we thought about what modern training has become, the more we believed a complete reinvention was required. Every detail, large and small, obvious and subtle, needed to completely change for the better. The result of 3 years research and development, we believe that we’ve perfected a far better way to learn. We call it TRAINING. REINVENTED.


Arriving for a Thynk class can seem strange at first. There’s no ‘front’ of the class. Tables are round to facilitate discussion. You’ll take breaks very frequently because interaction outside the class can be just as important as what happens inside. In summer, you’ll be sat outside. There’s no courseware, just an iPad set out for you. If you’re on a project management class, for example, you might find you are part of a project team that’s actually running a project, right now. Building a house, perhaps. But it’s all done with incredible care and attention to detail to create an amazing learning experience which gives you the skills you can start using straight away.


A few days after any class, sign in to thynk.com with your THYNKID to see a perfect copy of your course. This isn’t our course, it’s your course. Complete with your notes, annotations and anything else you did during the class. Refer back to it instantly, wherever you are, and never forget anything you learnt on a training course again. It’s all your learning in your pocket. And all your certificates, too.

Create your THYNKID >


On a Thynk class, you’ll be handed your personal tablet which displays everything in a beautiful, rich and interactive format. You can make notes, highlight and do everything else you can do with books. This is great for the environment, but we use iPad for much more than saving paper. iPad lets you change anything you’ve done whilst keeping your courseware pristine. Hand in homework digitally in an evening and you’ll find it has been marked by your instructor by morning. Take a revision quiz and check you are ready for your final exam. Or, take your device with you for group workshops and you’ll find new and amazing ways to collaborate and learn.


Time away from the office is precious so when you’re in class, it’s important to focus on what you’re there for. At any Thynk public class, our Concierge team is on hand to make your event smooth and enjoyable. Concierge will take care of everything you need in and out of the classroom.  Think of them as your personal PA. No request is too big or too small. You can even divert your office calls to Concierge, if you like. We’ll let you know if there’s anything urgent.

Concierge also know all the latest on the happenings in and around the training centre, and can help you with many requests including:

Chauffeur service to and from the venue
Handling your office calls whilst you are in training
Theatre tickets and information
Restaurant reservations and recommendations
Local amenities and travel